September 16, 2005

In many ways my experience is a lot like studying abroad. I am being introduced to new religions, new languages, new accents, new cultures, and new foods. I have to struggle to understand the teacher, and in-between class I can’t understand the other students. I am by far in the minority, both by virtue of being white, and by having English as my first language. To give a few interesting statistics, I took an informal poll (looking around the room and counting) during my last class and I was one of 5 white people in a class of 40. After further observations two of these ended up just being of fair complexion for their ethnicity bring the total to three Americans in a class of 40. This of course could launch a whole debate on the sad state of American science and all that, but I will try to stay on track.

I thought it would be helpful to give a little translation guide should any of you find yourself in a similar situation. You hear some words and aren’t sure what they are or what they mean, only to find out later it is a word you know.

dome = dorm, repeat after me “hard rrrrrr”
Leanear = Linear
plaseo = placebo
chiral,cowsal,casual = causal, no one in the class got this right
heada = heads

And many other fun ones, but I didn’t start keeping track until recently.

Grad school also has some surprises for me. For example my statistic class has kept me very busy, and I take very detailed notes:


The nice diagrams at the top aren’t even statistics, that is a different project I am working on. So ya I am keeping myself busy, working hard, or hardly working. Well that is about all the clever material I have. Actually I tired myself trying to get the picture to be inserted in the middle of the e-mail, so I hope it is appreciated. You would think it would be a standard feature on yahoo or at least gmail, but no. I had to resort to complicated shenanigans.

On a final note don’t be afraid to call, its not that I’m bored and don’t have anything to do, it is just that . . well actually it is exactly like that.