November 7, 2005

I was reading the news today and I stumbled across an article about the new Harry Potter movie:



It is hilarious. It discuses the premier of the new Harry Potter in London and the screaming crowds that accompanied it. Incase you don’t want to ready the whole article I have excerpted some of the better parts.

“[Harry Potter] premiered last night amid the usual scenes of teenage hysteria and parental frustration”

“Such was the level of hysteria that the act of my writing down Natasha’s friend Lizzie Hill’s name provoked her to cry, “THAT’S MY NAME!” and a great scream to go up, which set off all the other screamers in the crowd and at least one attempt at a dog bark.”

“Parents who had brought their small children out in the hope of catching a glimpse of their heroes realized what a unique, child-torturing environment they had inadvertently exposed them to: within earshot of the screams of delight coming from the front of the crowd, but with no hope of actually seeing anything. To the overall noise they added screams of a different nature, which promised to go on much longer.”

Ahh, really takes you back to grade school. Screaming teen/pre-teen girls and their fanatical devotion to various stars.