Detroit Welcomes You

March 26, 2006

So I get back from California and what should happen four days later.


Yes someone busted out my window and broke into my car. Do they take the radio? Do they try to steal the car? Do they take the registration? Do they take the change from my ashtray? No, no, no, no, they take a bag from Target with two packages of t-shirts in it. However, before taking the bag they first REMOVE the receipt that was in it (I was planning on returning the shirts). So now they cannot return them and are stuck with two packages of t-shirts that were too small for me, very intelligent.

I now have had the fun experience of driving around town with a tapped up window. I have also leared how to tape up a window after my first attempt resulted in me having to exit the freeway with what sounded like a helicopter in the back seat after the bag tore lose.

I guess the living in Detroit experience would not be complete without at least one car break-in. Lets just hope it stays at one.

Riding a Motorcycle Prevents Alzheimers

March 9, 2006


My father was killed by a drunk driver on the way home from work. Don’t Drink and Drive.

I scanned in 83 pictures of my dad, from all time periods of his life, for the funeral service. I also got four short video clips. If anyone wants a copy of these pictures and videos e-mail me. I can either send you a CD in the mail or post a torrent of the files. If you don’t know what a torrent is send me your address and I will mail you a CD.

42, That’s Not So Bad For a Pointy Eared Elf Prince

March 7, 2006

I have been on a Lord of the Rings kick lately and have been watching all of the appendices about the making of the movies, and the movies. This is a very time consuming kick as each of the three movies has between five and six hours of extra footage. This in addition to the three to four hour movie and you have close to 30 hours to watch.

Anyway all of their talk about designing and creating in the appendices started to get to me so off the the art store I went.


This is my first addition to my sketch book, there was one other trial before this on scratch paper but it looked a little bit scary. Hopefully I will improve and I am going to try and post anything decent I do under the Artwork link.

It’s a Bugs Life

March 6, 2006

I would like to say I just got back from three months in some exotic location where I couldn’t update my website. But unless you think Walla Walla or California are exotic I can’t say that.

To cheer up my apartment I decided to buy a grow light and try to grow some tomatoes. I got them planted right after Christmas and they are happy and growing, I also bought a couple of other plants to keep them company. I am not sure who the offender was but one of them came with gnats.


About a month and a half ago I saw one flying around my apartment and thought “huh, its like I’m in a real garden” and didn’t bother to try and track it down and kill it. That was mistake number one.

A couple of weeks after that I was infested with gnats, I would sit down by the plants every day and kill all that I saw and they still kept coming. Finally I got tired of doing that and decided to buy poison to kill them with. I had decided to buy poison so I quit killing them but I didn’t quite get around to actually buying the poison. That was my second mistake.

The gnats got worse I would find them in glasses of water I left out, and they wandered into my ears while I was trying to sleep, finally I can’t take it anymore and I go get poison. Now this is in my apartment so I am a little hesitant to start flinging strong poison around willy nilly. I find this bottle that says it is “safe”, I like safe that is good, so I read the active ingredient, canola oil, and think hey it really is safe. Now I didn’t know canola oil killed bugs but I said it right there on the bottle in big colorful letters, who am I to argue with the advertising firm who designed this bottle?? That was my third mistake.

So needless to say the canola oil did not work. Turns out if I eat it, it probably isn’t going to kill too many bugs, so back to the store. This time I know what I am after, the tried and true Sevin garden insecticide. I coat all of my plants with a liberal helping of the white powder and wait.

There are now fewer bugs in the apartment, but not quit as few as I was hoping for, that being zero. I have decided I am infested with mutant gnats who will, along with cockroaches, take over the word after humans have made it uninhabitable through pollution or nuclear war.