Detroit Welcomes You

So I get back from California and what should happen four days later.


Yes someone busted out my window and broke into my car. Do they take the radio? Do they try to steal the car? Do they take the registration? Do they take the change from my ashtray? No, no, no, no, they take a bag from Target with two packages of t-shirts in it. However, before taking the bag they first REMOVE the receipt that was in it (I was planning on returning the shirts). So now they cannot return them and are stuck with two packages of t-shirts that were too small for me, very intelligent.

I now have had the fun experience of driving around town with a tapped up window. I have also leared how to tape up a window after my first attempt resulted in me having to exit the freeway with what sounded like a helicopter in the back seat after the bag tore lose.

I guess the living in Detroit experience would not be complete without at least one car break-in. Lets just hope it stays at one.

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