The Turtle Moves

April 1, 2006

This morning I got up late and decided it was a good time to organize my music on iTunes. While I was going though it I found a bunch of sermons from the Walla Walla College Church. It is Sabbath so I thought it would be nice to listen to one. I started one, but the quality was kind of low so I clicked on another one at random. The sermon started off with Karl Haffner mentioning Jay and Tiffany Melashenko (who I am good friends with). This perked my interest so I continued to listen to it. The sermon was about adversity, and how with God we can survive anything, including the loss of a loved one. It couldn’t have been more perfectly targeted at me if he had tried.

The College Church has a podcast of all of their sermons. I had downloaded this months ago, and periodically my computer would connect to the internet and download all the latest sermons. I did not even know that I had them.

If you knew Nick please download it here and listen to it, it is an encouraging message. God works in amazing ways.