Whats the Point??

May 5, 2006

Well most of you know about my quest to grow tomatoes inside, well I am proud to report success!


Kind of. Yes I do have two small tomatoes as you can see for yourself there is only one problem, all I have is two small tomatoes.


Yes, that is write the arrow does point to the tomatoes on that tiny plant in the extra tiny pot. The two monstrosities in the big pots that get all of the sun, water, and fertilizer aren’t producing anything!! I guess all of my tlc is unappreciated, which is a disturbing thought. Feynmen did say that if he was kind of mean to girls he was more successful, maybe there is a life lesson here.


Now for all my punny friends I found this clip on Blackadder II. I have shared the point of the joke with most of you, but it is worth watching the clip (above) or download it here. The more I see of Hugh Laurie the more I like him, he is absolutely hilarious. You can see him in assorted episodes of Blackadder, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and in House M.D.(the first season is the funniest). The first two are old British comedy series; House is currently running on Fox.