GI Joe, a REAL American Hero

Well I stayed up way to late last night hating on unscrupulous politicians (Republicans, but to be fair I am sure Democrats do the same thing). However, I think the true villains in the story are the lame reporters who don’t seem to care. It seems to me that a group of loyal Republicans making up a terror threat so everyone, except themselves of course, has to evacuate the building where they count the votes is news worthy. But does even a single reporter go out there with a camera to see why they would go to the extreme of inventing a terror threat to count votes alone behind locked doors? No, of course not. They are to busy telling us how “safe” we are using the FEAR VOICE, and the FEAR FONT.

But I digress. So I drag out of bed this morning stumble to work, and start working on a nice keyboard imprint on my forehead, when I smell the sweat aroma. The elixir of life, nectar of the gods, a rich cup of Joe.


I am awake! I am alive! and I am posting on my blog.

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