Who Moved My Cheese?

I have recently made some new acquisitions. Some excellent, some…educational. Most recently, to get into the Christmas mood, I conducted a mighty scourging of the stores of Detroit in search of a small Christmas tree for my apartment. I had a very nice one last year, but unfortunately I found myself in need of a new one this year.

Three Targets, one Home Depot, one Walmart, one Trader Joe’s, two florists, and one Garden Shop later I met with success.


At the same time I stumbled upon this orchid. It was on sale, and after the grisly fate my other two met with last summer I found myself in need of a new one.


Now some say variety is the spice of life, by that same logic variety in your spices and on your palette must be pure life. In this vein I found my way to Trader Joe’s to sample their fine cheese selection. Trying to shop for cheese in the city of Detroit reminds me of this Monty Python sketch.

“Finest cheese shop in the district sir.”

“Explain the logic underlying that conclusion please. ”

“Well it’s so clean sir.”

“It is certainly uncontaminated by cheese.”

So I must drive out the the suburbs to get my wheel of high society. As I looked over the options of cheese to go with my Mexican food my eyes lighted on one. English Cheddar with Mango, Chile & Lime. Ummm, cheddar, chile, and lime, that sounds good with a taco. Oh and mango. But hey it is English, European, they are known for their fine cuisine right?

Nope, that’s the French, maybe the Italians. As my brother was quick to point out the English are not known for fine food unless you really like black pudding.


See those chunks of flavor? Ummmm, looks like fruit cake. If you think those chunks of fruit are good in cake try them in cheese, even better!! I endeavored to enjoy this wedge of life, but in the end even I had to concede defeat.

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