I Love Google with My Whole Body

February 15, 2007

I recently have aquired two new items, one free, one not so free. The first and most exciting is a new camera. I am excited to have it but I was nervous buying it, what if I never use it? Or what if I use it too much and become a camera nerd? Horror of horrors. Photography could also be a very expensive habit. I could get this 50mm lens for $70, orrrr I could get the professional 50mm lens for the bargain price of $1600. I also found out, much to my disgust, that the clear plastic underwater housing for the camera is almost TWICE AS MUCH as the cost of the camera. It’s plastic, can’t they stamp it out in China for like two dollars? Between that and the lens it has made me decide that professional photographers obviously have way to much money.

The second acquisition is Picasa. It is a photo organizing program that lets you easily upload you pictures to a very nice site. As the title inplies, I like it a lot and it is by Google. If you click on the picture below it will take you to my album with a few pictures from my new camera. I am still figuring out all the features, but there are a few good pictures.

New Camera