The last 10%

March 24, 2007

You can spend and extraordinary amount of time and money chasing the last 10% of improvement in anything. Recently I have been playing with my new camera. It is very nice and takes great pictures, but they could all be a little better if tweaked in Photoshop. At some point however, you have to ask yourself how long you want to sit in front of your computer lightening, darkening, removing red-eye, cropping, and removing flaws. Yes, they look better but do you really want to spend three hours to get that last 10% of improvement?

Over spring break I had the opportunity to take some engagement pictures of Jeremy and Jessica. Usually this kind of thing is better left to professionals, or at least someone that has had their camera for more then one month. Not wanting to disappoint I settled on a strategy getting a good shot by sheer weight of numbers. Some 400 pictures later I had more or less accomplished this. I didn’t get anything spectacular but there were at least a few good ones.

Jeremy and Jessica