Something is Missing…Sunburn? Nope Got That!

I drove to Traverse City in northern Michigan this weekend to go camping. The weather up there is really nice this time of year and as an added bonus they are having a Cherry Festival. This is in the middle of cherry country, it is surrounded by cherry orchards and every shop proudly features everything from cherry juice and ice cream to cherry beef jerky (seriously). As I wander through the festival I get the feeling that something is missing. Lots of tourists? Nope. Artsy craftsy stuff? Nope. Fair food (hot dogs, funnel cakes, etc)? Nope. Oh yeah, Fresh Cherries!! I looking around for a while and I finally find a few tiny over priced cartons. Disappointed I ask where I can get a large box of cherries, the helpful reply, at the supermarket. Not exactly what I was expecting.

Oh yes, I also got a memorable sunburn. Not that it is that bad, but as Raelynn was eager to point out, I have a tan line that looks like I was wearing a bikini top. I was lying on my back reading with the book propped on my chest, which of course left a very distinct tan line right below my pecs. Awesome.

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