Your Father Smells of Elderberries!

PowerPoint, not too much to discus, you make up slides containing text, pictures, and movies and you go from one slide to the next.  As programs go very simple, not a whole lot to screw up, so one might think.  Microsoft PowerPoint has been in development for 20 years, it is part of software couple (Windows and Office) that has built one of the largest companies in the word and helped amass the largest personal fortune in the world.  After 20 years (20!) of work and virtually unlimited money and resources why oh WHY won’t my movies play!

After watching a fair number of professional presentations I would give the average presenter who is working from someone else’s computer about a 50% chance of getting their movie to play.  I really don’t see what is so hard about it, the pictures are included in the PowerPoint file why are the movies left out in the cold where they inevitably get lost?  I mean come on, at least give me the option to roll it up into one file.  This isn’t 1999 any more where I need to fit my presentation on a 1.4″ floppy.  They have these handy things called “flash drives” and “networks” which allow “transfer” of very large files.

Now cooler heads might come along and say “but wait they do have an option to include everything in one file”.  Yes they do, a wimpy pathetic thing that could not find my movie even though nothing had moved since I added it one minute earlier, which generates an installer that will install (install it? I just want to play it) your presentation on some other computer.  ??? (long string of expletives) ???  Does this makes sense to anyone?  Anyone?

Who says a monopoly inhibits development?  Whoever they are, I bet they hate freedom too.

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