October 14, 2007

I guess third try really is the charm. After two years of unsuccessful tomato growing I think I finally got it right this year. The missing ingredient, pollination. I had made half hearted efforts in previous years with a Q-Tip and it didn’t seem to make a difference so I gave up.  This year, determined to get tomatoes, I took to the internet and found this article. It said that to get the flowers to pollinate you have to shake them. This is normally done by the vibration from bee’s wings so to mimic this it recommended using an electric tooth brush. So I took my Sonicare in and vibrated all the flowers, sure enough I could see pollen coming out.  I repeated this every day and after a week or two success.


My first teeny tiny tomatoes.  I am looking forward to fresh garden tomatoes come Christmas.

I have also finally posted pictures of my new apartment on Picasa, please feel free to check it out.