Sissy Ass Pics?

I was looking through the web stats for my blog, it tells me what terms people have searched for that have brought them too my site. Most of these are for my projects from Walla Walla, things like “double inverted pendulum”, or “8051 alarm clock”. Today however there was a new one, someone got to my page by searching for “sissy ass pics”. Curious I typed it into Google to see how this could possibly lead to my page. This turned out to be a mistake, as I got page after page of results about bondage, strap-ons, and other worse things from the seedy side of the Internet. Not exactly the crowd I want to be associated with. I really have no idea how this happened as I don’t think I have used the words “sissy” or “ass” on my site before this post.  I suppose then that writing about this is somewhat dangerous as I might start getting more visitors from this search term.  So I guess I should say if you are here looking for “sissy ass pics” and/or sex toys you can move along.  Nothing to see here folks, nothing to see here.

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