I self medicate by drinking

I’m having a hard day, I am down, I can’t concentrate, I can’t deal with all my problems or everything I need to do, a couple of mugs later I am positive, and relaxed.  I get what I need done and don’t melt down from stress.  It is a way to cope, sure it might be addictive and there is a real chance I could become dependent on it, but if it lets me get through one more day I think it is worth the risk.

Besides even if I do get addicted, having a cup of coffee every day isn’t going to kill me.

2 Responses to I self medicate by drinking

  1. Grad Student says:

    Oh my God, for a minute there I thought… I can’t even write it. Whew, you really had there.

  2. Barry Low says:

    Heya Sam!
    Karen sent me over here because she knows I’m addicted to coffee. We are coffee snobs at my work. The guy down the hall is a roaster and does tastings (rates coffee). Oh. . .and I haven’t died yet :-D. Actually I don’t drink it on weekends and don’t have any withdrawal effects, but that may just be me.

    So how you been doin? I was looking at your projects and research section. . .reminds me of them good ole days. I gotta catch up with you later. . .bloody meetings.


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