My quest to get a good picture of the lunar eclipse continues. About six months ago I got up at around 3:00 in the morning to stand on the roof with my tripod to try and take pictures of the lunar eclipse. About the only thing that trip produced were some fun conversations with Phil and these pictures.


Sheridan Apartment

None of the moon pictures turned out because I only had a 55mm lens. This time I was armed with a 300mm monster and I thought for sure I would get good results. Unfortunately, after an hour in the 15 degree weather with a nice breeze my hands and toes were numb and I wasn’t quite satisfied. This time it was my crappy tripod that let me down. It was unable to keep my camera (and large manly lens) from shaking so I had to keep the shutter speeds pretty short. Oh well, maybe by 2010 when the next eclipse is I will be able to afford a nice tripod.

Moon Eclipse

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