Hell hath no fury like a women scored, or insulted, or dishonored, or actually I’m not really sure what I did, but I did get a memento to remember it by.


Well this will be the third post in the last week, am I feeling extra creative? Nope, I am supposed to be working on my thesis. It has been a marathon session all week, the thesis has to be done by Monday so my thesis committee has time to review it before I defend, so here I sit.

I went to a talk by the author of PhD comics a few weeks ago. He says he talks to a lot of grad students that tell him, “I am so stressed, I have so much to do, I am only sleeping like four hours a night!”.  He blithely responds, “Wow, you must be working like 20 hours a day”.  They then inform him, “No, I’ve been reading the news, or surfing the internet, or going out with my friends”.

So needless to say this last week I have read a lot of news, wrote a lot on my blog, and actually started rock climbing again. Deadlines are great.

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