Ahhh Progress!

March 29, 2008

I was browsing through Barnes and Noble and I found a book on Detroit history, it had this:


It is an advertisement for an electric car with a range of 80-100 miles, it is from 1916. It is nice to know that after 92 years, landing a man on the moon, inventing the computer, cellphones, and building super-sonic jets modern electric cars have a range of: 50-160 miles. You could replace the picture and price and run this exact same ad in a magazine today.

Always winter and never Christmas

March 27, 2008

Well it has started snowing again.


Snow is pretty in January, by the end of March it is wet, annoying, and just depressing. I am so looking forward to spring, but I am beginning to wonder if it will ever come. If this keeps up I might have to put my fancy pillows to good use again keeping the apartment warm.


That was actually during winter proper, when it was zero degrees outside and I hadn’t figured out yet that you have to open the cover on the radiator to let the heat out (who knew?!).

I also have a new reason to worry about my car. Recently one of the girls I work with, Jing, had the catalytic converter cut off and stolen from her Honda Element. Price to replace $2000. It was stolen in the middle of the day, in broad day light, while her car was parked in front of where we work on a somewhat busy street. About two weeks later they tried to steal Alex’s. Apparently they got scared off because the exhaust pipe was only cut through on one side. I am already paranoid about my windows, now I get to be paranoid about my exhaust too. Yippee.

I ♥ Detroit.

A New Low

March 22, 2008

You know you have been spending too much time randomly browsing the internet when you find yourself here.  I really need to go buy another book.

Everything I kill we are able to eat

March 22, 2008

I’ll admit I am watching this season of survivor.  I blame it on my Grandma, she came to visit and just had to watch the season premiere at my place.  That was all it took, the first one is always free.  So like a crack junkie I eagerly await Thursday so I can see who is voted off.  The group dynamics are fascinating and I would think a Psychologist could publish a number of papers just from watching the show.  After the groups gets thinned out a little a pack starts to form centered on one of the strong guys who is good at finding food or winning challenges, it is a text book primitive society based around a “strong man” leader and the weaker players get eliminated.  The twist though is that people start thinking ahead and see the strong leaders as a threat down the road (there can be only one winner) and so these “strong man” leaders are regularly eliminated.

It is a stereotypical primitive society just like you might imagine.  It is cold and rainy so the big guy is sent out to bring back meat to feed the women.  He even comments in an interview that life is pretty easy on the island because, “almost everything I kill we are able to eat”.  Maybe it is so sterotypical because they have seen all the same corny tribal society movies I have or maybe this really is the basis modern of society.