Ludwig’s Dude

June 15, 2008

This second attempt went much better than the first.  All the images were taken on a tripod so they didn’t have to be lined up and the only differences were the rope moving and lighting changes caused by  Tony’s shadow.  Overall I think the effect is very cool, can’t wait to try it out on more routes.

Facebook is Listening

June 11, 2008

Facebook has apparently figured out that I am Christian. Instead of the usual advertisements for singles in my area, with thinly veiled suggestions that they wouldn’t mind hooking up for a night, they are now telling me about “hot local Christian singles”. This could be from me being listed as “Christian – Seventh-Day Adventist” under religious views in my profile, but as it just started happening after I wrote about missionary work in a private message I think they are reading my messages. Further evidence is the fact that I also started getting ads for “Patagonia Mountain Climbing School” about the same time (also mentioned in my message). It is somewhat amusing that they go through the considerable effort to sift through my private messages and try to figure out what I like while seemingly ignoring the considerable amount of publicly posted information I provided about myself: religious views, political views, favorite TV shows, books, movies, etc.


June 3, 2008

It’s official, I don’t like Detroit anymore. My window was broken. Again. I take back everything I said in my last post about not getting angry, I am angry, very angry, one might even say quite peeved. I am looking for someone to blame and unfortunately the people who broke my window are not around to throw rocks at (this one was caught on tape but the quality is so low there is no way to ID him). Instead I will throw rocks at our beloved mayor. He seems like a fair enough target, he is in charge, he has wasted millions of dollars of the city’s money which could have been used to pay some of the 1000 cops he laid off, and he is almost undeniably corrupt. Well it is undeniable if you are on this side of the rabbit hole. In fantasy land, where Kwame apparently lives, a “lynch mob” is out to get him. I’m not sure who is supposed to be in this mob, perhaps the single white member of a city council that has repeatedly called for his resignation, or maybe just maybe he is pulling the race card yet again to get a knee jerk reaction of solidarity. There are plenty of reasons to dislike him as mayor, and none of them are racial.

The Detroit Free Press has a number of really good articles detailing his many indiscretions, they have a whole “Mayor in Crisis” section. Or just head to Wikipedia for a good summary (about 10 pages worth of controversy).