Spam Spam Spam Spam, Wonderful Wonderful SPAM!!

January 27, 2007

I e-mailed myself a file this morning so I could have it at work. I e-mailed from my Yahoo! account to that same Yahoo! account. When I arrived at work I couldn’t find the e-mail. That’s weird, I looked in my sent box, yup it got sent, I checked the address yup, sent it too myself. Stranger and stranger, then a thought struck, I wonder if…


Sure enough it went into my Spam Box, right in between all the advertisements for cheap pharmaceutical drugs. Yahoo! filtered an e-mail that was sent to itself. I know the spammers have no scruples, but I don’t think they are have started sending themselves spam just yet.


November 17, 2006

Well I am sure no one has noticed, but all of the links I have to videos on have gone dead. The movies have been removed due to copyright infringement. The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, and most recently Blackadder. Now I am not going to say Piracy is a good thing (although I do participate from time to time) but posting 10-30 second clips is NOT PIRACY, can’t they see this? Apparently not. Watching short clips is at worse harmless and more probably good for their business. They spend millions on commercials and previews, but let someone else create a short preview/commercial for them and all of the sudden that endangers their business model. They are not happy unless they get their pound of flesh, even if it hurts them in the long run.

GI Joe, a REAL American Hero

September 18, 2006

Well I stayed up way to late last night hating on unscrupulous politicians (Republicans, but to be fair I am sure Democrats do the same thing). However, I think the true villains in the story are the lame reporters who don’t seem to care. It seems to me that a group of loyal Republicans making up a terror threat so everyone, except themselves of course, has to evacuate the building where they count the votes is news worthy. But does even a single reporter go out there with a camera to see why they would go to the extreme of inventing a terror threat to count votes alone behind locked doors? No, of course not. They are to busy telling us how “safe” we are using the FEAR VOICE, and the FEAR FONT.

But I digress. So I drag out of bed this morning stumble to work, and start working on a nice keyboard imprint on my forehead, when I smell the sweat aroma. The elixir of life, nectar of the gods, a rich cup of Joe.


I am awake! I am alive! and I am posting on my blog.


October 12, 2005

I was sitting down for a nice breakfast the other day and was participating in a time honored tradition at the breakfast table, I was reading the cereal box. Hmm lots of iron, I guess that is good, sugar, carbs, protein, I wonder how healthy this is? All the important questions you ask while reading the box, and then my eye caught something.


Now if you look carefully next to the arrow I have drawn you will see a tiny warning that this product contains wheat.

I have pondered my response to this, and have decided that my feelings can only be expressed one way.