Projects and Research

These are various projects that I have worked over the years, usually for classes. I have posted all of the source code where applicable. Feel free to look at the code if you are curious how I did something. If you want to use it for a project you are working on that is fine too just give me credit.

I apologize that some of the links to code and stuff don’t work, won’t allow me to host certain file types here.  Feel free to e-mail if you want something until I get this sorted.

MRI Research and Projects
MRI Interests – I have recently entered the field of biomedical engineering, specifically MRI medical imaging, here are past and current projects.

Installation Guides
VTK Install – Much to my continuing frustration there are no instructions on VTK’s web site on how to setup and use their libraries with C++, so I have posted my own.

Antenna Design
802.11 Antenna – An 802.11 (2.44 GHz) antenna that Shawn Santana and I designed.

Digital Design
8-Bit Processor – Shawn Santana and I designed an 8-Bit processor and implemented it in VHDL code. The processor has basic math functions (addition, subtraction, and boolean operations) and some basic branching conditions (jump if equal, jump if greater then). This was downloaded onto a FPGA and tested. The VHDL source is here.

Digital Control
Double Inverted Pendulum – This is an overview of the digital controller for a double inverted pendulum system that I designed. The controller uses a reduced order observer to stabilize the system and was written in Matlab. A movie of the pendulum balancing is here [], and the Matlab source is here.

Embedded Systems
Embedded EKG [PDF] – This is the report for an EKG machine that Shawn Santana and I designed, built, and wrote the software for. It can output a simulated EKG signal for heart rates from 30 BPM to 180 BPM, and read in an EKG signal and report the heart rate. It can output the results to an LCD display or put the data out through a serial connection. The assembly source code for the project is here [doc], I have posted it as a .doc file because will not let me post .asm files.

Electronics, Analog Design
Radio Manual [PDF] – This is an overview of a single conversion super heterodyne AM receiver (9.5 – 10 MHz) that Shawn Santana and I built in engineering electronics. You can listen to the time station (at the tone pacific standard time will be…), radio netherlands, and a few other things depending on the day.

Assembly Programming
Alarm clock – An alarm clock that runs a on 8051 processor, that designed and built. A description, and pictures of the project are available above, the assembly source code is here.

C++ Programming
Scorched Smurf! – Executable and required files, A game similar to artillery for the old Apple II’s
Scorched Smurf! – Source code, Written by my programming group in Intro to Programming at WWC in 2001, It was written and compiled in Borland 3 so it may have trouble compiling in other compilers

Game of Life – Executable and Source code, A competitive version of John Conway’s Game of Life written by my Data Structures class at WWC 2001

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