Armed to the Teeth!

So my mom is officially packing heat. I’m not really sure why, she doesn’t like guns, they make her nervous, but never-the-less she now has one. You can tell she is nervous because she has it locked up in her room with the bullets in my room. This is good from a safety point of view, but less good from a home invasion point of view. Potential burglars beware, if you break into the fortress that is this house all she has to do is open the case, undo the lock on the gun, run to my room, get the bullets out of the box, load the bullets into the clip, put the clip in the gun, stop shaking and hyperventilating, and then start blasting. This should only take five to ten minutes. Personally I find this reassuring as it puts my chances of accidentally being shot upon returning home late at night comfortably close to zero.


2 Responses to Armed to the Teeth!

  1. Phillip says:

    Nice photo, finger not on the trigger, which is correct. She could keep a full clip in your room, which could cut the gun-loading process down by five minutes or so. . . Though this would increase your chances of being shot. You should go shooting at the range while you have the opportunity. Ha ha. Later, Sam. P.s., your plants are doing good.

  2. Neil says:

    Yeah, I don’t understand guns as home defense for that exact reason. Either it’s a danger to yourself and those living with you, or it’s in a state of unpreparedness that makes it worthless should a situation arise.

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