Facebook is Listening

Facebook has apparently figured out that I am Christian. Instead of the usual advertisements for singles in my area, with thinly veiled suggestions that they wouldn’t mind hooking up for a night, they are now telling me about “hot local Christian singles”. This could be from me being listed as “Christian – Seventh-Day Adventist” under religious views in my profile, but as it just started happening after I wrote about missionary work in a private message I think they are reading my messages. Further evidence is the fact that I also started getting ads for “Patagonia Mountain Climbing School” about the same time (also mentioned in my message). It is somewhat amusing that they go through the considerable effort to sift through my private messages and try to figure out what I like while seemingly ignoring the considerable amount of publicly posted information I provided about myself: religious views, political views, favorite TV shows, books, movies, etc.

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